Why should I bring my pet in for a fecal exam?

Why should I bring my pet in for a fecal exam?

Annual veterinary fecal exams are the best way to keep your pet and family safe from intestinal parasites. They give yourKent vet an opportunity to check for intestinal parasites befor eserious conditions or complications arise.

What is a fecal exam?

A fecal exam is a microscopic analysis of your pet's feces completed by your veterinarian. Annuals fecal exams will help your vet identify and treat infections or conditions which could compromise your pet's, or even your family's, health.

What do fecals detect?

Your vet will search for indicators of parasites like roundworms or hookworms during a fecal exam. These parasites not only make pets irritable and cause discomfort, but can also lead to serious health issues if untreated. A number of parasites can also be transmitted to people.

Intestinal parasites are hidden from view, living in your pet's gastro-intestinal tract. Fecal exams are the best tool for detecting their presence.

How do I prepare for my pet's fecal?

To prepare for a fecal exam, collect a fresh stool sample and bring it into your vet's office within a day. Ideally, you should aim to bring it in within 4-6 hours to ensure more accurate results.

Do not let the stool sample dry out! If there are any parasites present, they will be killed in the process, making it much more difficult to detect them.

How often does my pet need a fecal?

Pets should be tested for parasites annually at minimum. Puppies and animals with a predisposition to gastro-intestinal issues may need fecal exams more often than that. Make sure to ask your vet how often your pet will need a fecal exam when you see them.

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