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Dr. Shannon L. Sutherland

Shannon Sutherland, D.V.M., is a veterinarian in Kent.

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Kent Veterinarian

Dr. Shannon L. Sutherland

A 1991 graduate of Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Sutherland grew up in Montana. Surrounded by animals early in life on a farm in western Montana, she knew as early as second grade that she wanted to pursue a career as a veterinarian. As a young girl she took care of the sick, injured, or newborn dogs, cats, pigs, cows, and chickens.

Dr. Sutherland graduated high school in Fairfield, Montana and attended Montana State University prior to her acceptance into veterinary school at Colorado State University. While in college, she joined the US Army Reserves as a ROTC cadet. She commissioned as an officer and worked throughout veterinary school, pursuing both her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and her military career as a US Army Reserve officer.

After obtaining her D.V.M., Dr. Sutherland spent six years on active duty as an army veterinarian in Montana and Alaska. In the years to follow, the army also provided her the opportunity to practice veterinary medicine in Oklahoma and in such exotic locations as Honduras, El Salvador and Germany.

She came off active duty 15 years ago to open a veterinary relief practice, making her professional services available to other veterinarians in need of temporary assistance and also providing spay and neuter surgical services to various animal shelters in the area where she resided. In addition, Dr. Sutherland has held associate veterinarian positions at two private small animal veterinary practices in Washington State, all the while continuing to serve in the US Army Reserves. Dr. Sutherland retired a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army with almost 30 years of service to her country.

Dr. Sutherland has two beautiful children and a wonderful husband with two more beautiful children. She enjoys high adventure activities, such as mountain biking and scuba diving and is currently on a mountain bike racing team.

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